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As an Inquiry School, our learners are encouraged and supported to flex their Learner Muscles as they question, wonder and inquire about the world around them.

Researchers are curious and critical​.

We can:

  • locate and use a wide range of sources

  • investigate problems, issues and questions

  • think critically about the information that we gather

Thinkers are open minded and persistent​.

We can:

  • think logically and creatively

  • organise and adapt our thinking as we learn                                         

  • reflect on our thinking

Collaborators are reliable and empathetic​.

We can:

  • work with others to achieve a shared goal

  • actively listen and respect other people’s views 

  • take on different tasks and roles

Self Managers are responsible and resilient​.

We can:

  • learn independently

  • make good choices about our learning

  • set and work towards personal goals

Communicators are confident and respectful.

We can:

  • communicate ideas in different ways and for different purposes

  • share our ideas in a range of contexts                                 

  • listen thoughtfully to others

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