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We will achieve our vision by encouraging, modeling and exploring the following values (as identified by our school community) through our school culture, classroom practice and learning activities.


Respect  (Whakaute)

We value respect because it allows us to develop and maintain positive relationships with each other.  


  • for self, others and the environment

  • wear your uniform with pride

  • celebrate success

  • acknowledge the support of others



Effort  (Manawanuitanga) 

We value effort because it allows us to achieve to the best of our ability.


  • be the best you can be

  • make the most of your opportunities

  • have a positive attitude

  • take risks and be resilient



Responsibility (Takohanga) 

We value responsibility because we need to be accountable for our own actions and it is the basis for trust and honesty.


  • make positive choices

  • co-operate and work as a team

  • be reliable and dependable

  • self manage and be prepared for learning



Empathy  (Pūaroha)

We value empathy because it allows us to see what another person is feeling or experiencing.


  • care for those around you

  • include each other

  • understand, accept and value difference

  • be aware of the feelings and needs of others

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