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School Lunch Orders


Winton School students can order lunch on a Tuesday from Subway and Thursday from the Winton Bakery.  All orders must be handed in to the school office before 9.00 am so that they can be delivered to Subway and Winton Bakery before 9.30 am. Parents can order directly to The Bakery by 10am or on the Subway School Lunch App.


All orders need to be clearly labelled:

  • Name

  • Class

  • Order details

  • Correct Money

The Big White Shop also offer lunch packs for $8 (includes sandwich/wrap, fruit bars, snacks, fruit and a drink). Please note that these orders need to be made direct to the Big White Shop the day before required, they will then have them ready for pick up by parents by 8.15am the next morning.

Please select the healthy options.  Coca cola and other fizzy/sugar loaded drinks are not permitted at school.

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