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Winton School is a place where all students are encouraged and challenged to strive for personal excellence in a wide range of academic, social, cultural and physical activities. 

Through effective governance, high quality teaching, high expectations and a strong home-school partnership, we aim to help our students to become confident, connected and actively involved lifelong learners.


Winton School learners will be supported to:



  • develop strong literacy and numeracy skills

  • be technologically literate and competent

  • be critical, creative and reflective thinkers

  • have an understanding of the world we live in

  • be active seekers, users and creators of knowledge



  • be confident and responsible citizens in local, national

       and global settings

  • collaborate, compete and co-operate

  • have a positive sense of belonging / Hauora

  • communicate confidently and effectively using

       a variety of tools

  • resolve conflict in socially acceptable ways



  • express themselves creatively within the Arts.

  • recognise and develop their talents and special abilities

  • have an understanding of and respect for different


  • have knowledge of their own culture and heritage



  • develop a sense of personal well being

  • engage and be involved in a variety of physical activities

  • demonstrate an increasing responsibility for self care

  • make informed choices around lifestyle and wellbeing

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